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Eikon Law

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How We Help

flat fees

There is value in knowing your legal fees in advance. To provide that value a law firm needs to be transparent about their fees. To achieve that, we eliminated hourly billing and instead, we have adopted flat fees for all of our services. Take a look at our pricing model and compare them with other prospective firms.

always free to talk to us

We are proud of our successes and outcomes we deliver on behalf of our clients. We believe free consultations provide our prospective clients an opportunity to properly convey their issues so that we can provide a comprehensive evaluation. Time is not a factor for Eikon lawyers; it’s just our way of operating.

a business mindset

Business is in our DNA and law is our profession. We are not conservative, but we are mindful of your goals. We know that there is significant value in providing our clients intelligent advice according to their business plan. It is essentially a business savvy approach, surrounded by legal bricks. 

a modern approach

Chasing your lawyer to get a hold of him is a thing of the past. Use our online calendar to set up an appointment with us. Receive an SMS alert when job is done. If you can’t meet with us in person, we can meet you on Skype. We provide a transparent relationship that affords you easy access to your lawyers.

Our Popular Services

entrepreneurs & startups

Let’s get to the point. Venture formation, founders’ agreements, financing methods/sources/negotiations. securities laws, employees’ compensation and the list goes on… As lawyers, we thrive in that environment. As your legal partners, we feel privileged to introduce the next big idea and be on your side on every step of the road.
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investment & employment visas

When it comes to business-immigration visas, we pride ourselves with having a remarkable record of success. There is a single reason behind that; we only file petitions with high likelihood of success. We have a system in place which creates a seamless process for our corporate and individual clients. Hassle-free document gathering, and transparent pricing. The job gets done right.
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entity selection & formation

Depending upon your business objectives, which may not be initially obvious even to the founders, a good lawyer could have radically different advice as to what type of entity fit those objectives the most. This is the beginning of the road for your business. And maybe a new partnership with a law firm you trust and rely on.
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intellectual property

Whether it’s a name, logo, solution, or just a creative idea, our trademarks and copyrights lawyers help you protect it and provide you a peace of mind when planning on your next move, be it investment or exit strategy.
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contracts and agreements

A well-drafted contract is crucial for every business. We follow three principles in drafting every contract: to establish relationships and responsibilities, to prevent future disputes, and to comply with legal requirements. We excel at flat fee engagements for negotiating and drafting contracts.
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data & privacy

As technology advances, companies are enabled to gather more third-party information in their system. The large range of companies regulated by the Federal Trade Commission are subject to enforcement if they engage in materially unfair or deceptive practices. We help you implement the right data security measures and privacy policies.
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Why We Are Different

Common Grounds Eikon Law Traditional Law Firm
Client Consultation Always Free Hourly Billing
Fee Structure Flat-fee Hourly Billing
Philosophy A Dedicated Support Team One Client One Lawyer
Approach Value Based Time Based
Other Expenses None Paralegal, Postage, Print, Copy, Parking, Etc.
Access to Lawyers Online Calendar Booking Catch Me If You Can…

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