Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property lawyers help you identify, protect and commercialize the most valuable intangible assets of your company.


For protection of non-obvious, novel, and useful technical creations. Our lawyers will explain Patentability criteria and assist you in filling.


Trademark allows your company to differentiate your products and services from the competitors, and build a brand value behind them.


Intellectual property licensing is vital for the company to recoup its investment made in an invention or creative results. Eikon lawyers lead you towards long-term beneficial licensing.

Our Experience

Advised on U.S., European and international IP laws, registration criteria, official fees, filing methods.
Assisted in monitoring and enforcement of granted patents and competing applications and transactional matters regarding monetization of patents.
Conducted Trademark search and registration, monitoring of competing applications and Managed the implementation of standard operational procedure against regional trademark infringements.
Drafted and revised patent and copyright licensing agreements as well as multinational IT outsourcing agreements including intellectual property protection clauses.
Advised companies on corporate structures to protect intellectual property rights in foreign jurisdictions.
Conducted audits to evaluate contractual terms regarding ownership of intellectual property rights, including acquisitions, and commercialization of rights.

Expert Intellectual Property Lawyers

What is intellectual property why protecting it?

Intellectual Property is a legal concept that refers to creations resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific or artistic fields for which exclusive proprietary rights are granted. These rights provide to creators and inventors a right to exclude others from exploiting their creation for a defined period of time. Without a statutory right to a patent, trademark or copyright, inventors or creators would not be able to recoup their time and money spent for their work and, also, would have no financial incentives to engage in new scientific or creative endeavors.


Patent is simply the steps that need to be followed for protection of novel solutions through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or a foreign office. This will provide you the rights to exclude others from using, making, or selling a new product or service of yours for a long period of time. Our intellectual property lawyers can help you from the initial phases of preparing and filing an application with the patent office, as well as developments that might occur after granting of a patent, including amendments and third party claims.


While it is possible to take the do-it-yourself-route in applying for a trademark, a private attorney can help you before, during, and after the application process. One important service is conducting a comprehensive search of registered and unregistered (“common law”) trademarks to see if similar symbols have already received protection, or, assistance in describing the products or services. Eikon intellectual property lawyers do all the above as well as preparing responses in cases of a refusal to register.


Copyrights are often confused with trademarks. One way to look at the distinction is that trademarks identify your goods and services by brand names, sounds, smells, logos and slogans, while copyright protects literary or artistic expressions such as books, paintings, movies, songs and photos. (but not protecting just an idea). In today’s technological world, software has the same legal protection as any other literary or artistic work under the copyright law. Early registration of copyrights can help you avoid costly disputes over rights of ownership. Our lawyers leverage their experience to help streamline the process for you.


Licensing agreements define the terms and conditions governing a contractual agreement for interaction between a company and a user of its products, content and services, often a b2b interaction. This can include detailed definitions of key words and phrases, privileges and responsibilities of each party, warranties and limitation of liabilities, fees, and other provisions. Eikon Law copyright lawyers can help with the many issues that may come up when drafting a license agreement, in particular with relation to the often-complicated laws concerning intellectual property.


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