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1. Entity Selection & Formation

Which state should you incorporate in? S-corporation or C-corporation or LLC? Founders’ contribution of cash or IP? Stock vesting? Salaries and benefits? Job titles? Eikon lawyers will guide you through these first but important steps.

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2. Business Contracts

Contracts define the four corners of your business relationship with others. Eikon business lawyers communicate with you until we have every important aspect of your contract covered.

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3. Equity Compensation Plan

One of the simplest corporate arrangements for rewarding employees with an interest in the company is through stock plans. They come in various forms depending on who is on the receiving end.

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4. General Counsel

Outside General Counsel is an innovative approach to legal services for established businesses. We develop a close relationship with our corporate clients just as if your business had a legal department.

5. Disputes & Litigation

Communication is key in resolving most disputes. At times a simple phone call can do it but there are other times when litigation becomes the only option available to restore your right. At Eikon, we care to keep our client’s cost low and instead focus on maximizing the return.

6. Day-to-Day Legal Advice

Entrepreneurs have limited resources and we are aware of that. Our unique business model offers you true value when it comes to your relationship with your lawyers. Eikon’s existing clients are able to get quick answers to their quick questions on an ongoing basis without worrying about costs and fees.

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Our Rates

The goal is to be transparent here. Due to entrepreneurs' limited resources we provide alternative billing options for our legal services. Below you can find a sample of our flat fee prices:

Entity Formation


Shareholder Agreements




Asset Purchase Agreements




Employment Contracts

Disclaimer: Although most contracts can be prepared for the stated price, if a contract is overly complex or is expected to be negotiated with the opposing side, a higher fee will be quoted before the start of the work.

Los Angeles Startup Lawyers

Eikon’s Los Angeles business lawyers take the time to get to know their clients businesses. Our fixed fee business model enables us to have open communication with them and it helps our lawyers better understand our client’s needs. Our business lawyers have the experience and dedication necessary to resolve our clients’ disputes efficiently, through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

If your business is on the verge of expansion, or involved in a contractual dispute with a partner or an outsider, our innovative approach can help you achieve your ultimate objective, in a cost efficient manner without sacrificing any value. We have offices in California and New York, with our main office in Los Angeles. Get in touch with our Los Angeles business lawyer, or New York business lawyer to discuss your case for free.

Experienced Business Lawyers

Eikon Law wants to help with the problems faced by startups in Los Angeles and New York, where so many world renowned businesses have been started. We have enabled our clients to realize their dreams of success in the difficult and cut-throat business world of tech startups and other business ventures.

Eikon Law has managed to put together a set fee structure for startup business clients that encompasses business formation services and the drafting of contracts for employees, funders, partners, intellectual property issues, service agreements and others that are essential to the success of any business. Our fresh, hands-on, approach is attuned to the nuances of startup enterprises and the unique problems they face when competing in a new world market where advances in technology occur nearly every day.

More importantly,as part of its fixed fee package, Eikon Law provides ongoing consultations, coaching, tax advice, business strategies for growth and profitability and advice on joint ventures. In addition, our services help ensure that clients are in compliance with various state and federal laws regarding taxes, wages, work conditions, discrimination policies and others so that management and employees are treated reasonably and fairly.

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