Business Contracts

Contract Formation

We draft contracts that protect businesses, bring clarity to requirements and mitigate future problems. Contracts are more than simple legal forms. Well drafted contracts are constructed by drawing on the experience of a seasoned business lawyer. While two parties may know what the desired outcome of a business relationship may be, an experienced lawyer will understand the various problems that can happen with a given business transaction. The lawyer can then include remedies for when or if these problems happen and share these understandings with the parties involved.

Contract Review

If you are presented with a contract and bring it to Eikon Law, we will review it thoroughly, explain all important clauses, make recommendations and answer any questions you have. Before signing any agreement, you should be sure that you thoroughly understand all of the responsibilities and obligations of both you and the other parties.

Partnership Agreements

Unlike other contracts, partnership agreements have to take into consideration many additional issues such as decision making, capital contributions, salary distributions, death/disability and dissolution. An experienced Eikon business lawyer can help craft a partnership agreement that takes all of these matters into consideration.

Joint Venture Agreements

A joint venture agreement is often created when your business has found the right partner for a new project. Since you will be working with other parties, it is critical that you hire an experienced business lawyer to see that all obligations, procedures, deliverables and terms are clearly defined in the agreement. This can help avoid problems during the execution of the project. We can help draft and provide advice on your joint venture agreements.

Franchise Agreements

If you are turning your multistore success into a franchise or investing in an established one, Eikon Law can review and draft your franchise agreements or be a part of your growth and investment strategy.

Buy/Sell Negotiations and Agreements

Buying and selling a business is a serious matter that requires a serious business attorney. There are typically two phases to buying and selling a business: The first phase is the evaluation and negotiation; the second phase is drafting the buy/sell agreement. Eikon Law can help you with both phases of this process.

Non-disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) are typically used as a way to protect your intellectual property, including business processes, operational procedures, pricing, and any other information that may be used for negotiations or discussions with potential business partners, investors or affiliates. There are several types of NDA’s, including mutual, unilateral and employment.

Using the wrong NDA for a specific purpose can leave important and private information about your business vulnerable during discussions with another party.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Independent contractor (IC) agreements are used to formalize and document the relationship you establish with another business or individual when that party will be providing services for you. There are many reasons to create an IC agreement, including:

  • To document and memorialize the services the independent contractor will provide
  • To make sure you establish proper handling of sensitive information
  • To detail the terms of compensation
  • To specify which parties will be providing particular materials and equipment
  • To define the length and term of the project
  • To clarify the scope of work
  • To confirm that the IC has the required insurance and licenses to complete the work

Breach of Contract

Unfortunately, everyone may not honor the agreements that you enter into. If you have an agreement with someone who is not fulfilling their obligations or has violated an agreement, they may be in breach of your contract. We can evaluate such matters, provide answers and recommend a course of action for protecting your rights under the agreement.

Employee Offer Letters

Employee offer letters establish a professional onboarding process and clearly define for the new employee exactly what is being offered in terms of compensation, job duties, benefits and more. Additionally, many offer letters include information about privacy policies, non disclosure, and social media policies. Eikon Law will help you create an employment offer letter that not only protects your business but clearly outlines exactly what your new employees can expect from their new roles at your company.

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